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People have been asking Huntingdon's Parliamentary Candidates from the legacy poltical parties about their values and I have been informed that now they have asked for mine. I am very happy to share.

I could - and do - refer to My Ten Pledges (see

These Pledges reveal how my Values influence how I commit to serving The People of Huntingdon as your Independent MP.

Now, here in this article, "Living the Inspired Life" I share a "Glimpse of his background, values and principles". Here you will find out more about me under these headings:

- Family Life

- Where I came from

- Building my Character

- A ‘naughty boy’ – an innate leader

- Driven by Duty

- Pioneering Spirit

- Making the Difference – Transforming Lives

- Transforming Lives: London

- Transforming Lives: Huntingdon

- Transforming Lives: Health and Wellbeing

- Leadership at the Core

- Service, Sacrifice and Great Endeavour for others

To read this, please follow the link I have given here.

It takes you to a flipbook that I hope you will find gives a pleasant reading experience. I also hope you will be better informed and, perhaps, a little encouraged and inspired.

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