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As Huntingdon's Independent MP I pledge to:

  1. Put you first and represent everyone faithfully, fairly, equally, honestly and transparently.

  2. Reply to every enquiry you make, explaining how I can help or signposting to someone else who can. I will never ignore you as many politicians do.

  3. Ask for your views, focus on what matters to you most and keep you informed.

  4. Get Britain back on track by having A People’s Parliament that is the servant and not the Dictator of the People. I will insist that Government, Councils and all Public Institutions work for you.

  5. Work with other MPs to expose financial mismanagement, negligence, irregular or corrupt actions and inequality in public services, restore Free Speech and Human Rights for all.

  6. Demand commitment from and work with other MPs to tackle the roots of Britain’s problems including healthcare, protection of children, care of older people, cost of living, education, policing, unlawful immigration, courts, prisons, roads, transport, housing and small-medium sized businesses.

  7. Within 100 days of being elected Huntingdon’s MP, report back to you on progress, holding a public consultation so you can have your say on what you want to see your Parliament doing.

  8. Give you Service, Sacrifice, Great Endeavour. Refuse to be bribed, blackmailed, bullied or bought.

  9. Additonal to giving 100% of my time and effort serving as your MP, to give 20% of my MP’s Salary to Charity.

  10. Help stop the rot, give Power Back to The People and Change Britain For Good.​

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WELCOME to the official website of Chan Abraham's campaign to CHANGE BRITAIN FOR GOOD by establishing a truly representative PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT run BY the British People, FOR the British People.

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