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An Independent MP to help fix 'broken Britain'

Most people in Britain know that the era of political parties is now long overdue for dismantling.  Only truly Independent MPs, working together for The People and not the interests of corporations, ideologies or other countries, can bring about the radical change that now is so desperately needed.

They have mismanaged our money, removed our freedoms, created despair

Despite paying a whopping £695 billion in taxes British people are suffering MORE sickness and mental health problems; millions of us on hospital waiting lists will die without treatment; children, women, older and other vulnerable people are suffering domestic abuse; lawlessness and anti-social behaviour are soaring, while crime detection is appallingly low.


Children are being indoctrinated in our schools not educated; free speech and Human Rights are being trampled on; families and communities are falling apart; traditional British Values are despised; people are criminalised for their thoughts and there’s a general sense of hopelessness, resignation and despair.

Misery for ordinary Brits gets worse every day

While we have been deprived of homes, food, care for elderly and disabled people and life’s basic necessities politicians have “laundered” £14.5 billion dragging us into a a foreign conflict that doesn't concern us. 116,000 illegal Channel crossings since 2018, predominantly by those with no allegiance to, or respect for Britain's heritage, customs and values, have introduced pressures and risks within communities. Our living costs are unaffordable and young people have no hope of their own home. Farmers are under threat creating a food crisis, hard-working people rely for survival on foodbanks and a war on our cars is restricting travelling for work, school, hospital and home care for elderly and disabled.


Our Parliament run by wealthy people and career politicians created this mess; they didn’t consult us and we never voted for any of what they have done.

All political parties have failed the British people - no point voting Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Greens...they’re the Uniparty

We are poorer, sicker, less safe, paying more for fuel, food and local services. Politicians have neglected Britain’s systems for healthcare, protection of children, care of older people education, policing, immigration, courts, prisons, roads and transport. Government has steadily removed our freedoms, invaded our privacy and trampled our Human Rights.  All without asking us.

Political parties, decaying past their shelf life, in lockstep with each other, are influenced by the super-rich and corporations, a selfish, greedy minority who despise and want us as their slaves. Remember the massive cost of lockdowns to our health, our children, elderly and economy?  While we all suffered, 500 new billionaires were created through the “pandemic”.  This stops in 2024.  

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