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What kind of Leader is Chan Abraham? Here's what the public, tenants, staff say in their own words...

"Oxmoor…deprived, rife with crime, drugs and ill health exacerbated by sub-standard housing conditions has been transformed by the dedication, hard work, leadership, encouragement and caring attitude of one man who has encouraged and facilitated the various statutory agencies.  As far as the many residents of Oxmoor are concerned – Chan is already our local hero."

"Chan leads us in a culture based on trust, where all our staff are part of the family. We work in an environment where, passion, pride, courage and integrity are part of who we are and the way we do things. Chan models this behaviour, leading us in changing ourselves and in making the difference where we are. Chan cares about each and every one of his employees. He knows each one of us and will often walk through the office asking how our family members are (by name) and we know that we truly are members of the family."

"Chan’s focus covers all staff as everyone can meet with Chan if they need guidance or advice. Chan has taken a personal interest in my family and supported me when my wife developed breast cancer." 

"Over the years I have been with Luminus I have lost count of the times our people have said how moved they have been by Chan’s personal commitment to their well-being. This ranges from a personal birthday card from Chan to every staff member, a kind word or two about a family member at a chance meeting in a corridor and offers of financial assistance and personal mentoring when any one of our people are facing a personal or family problem."

"As a tenant on the Board closely involved I can state that much of what has been achieved could not have taken place without the vision and drive that Chan has consistently provided."

"I just want to say how grateful me and my daughter…are with the financial aid Chan gave her from the Joseph & Alice Foundation, (which he set up in memory of his parents) and funded personally to help people in need. Without his help she wouldn’t have been able to continue with her hairdressing course at Huntingdonshire Regional College.  She talks about the help Chan has given her all the time and has nothing but praise for him. He has given her the chance to make something of her life and we will be forever grateful."

"Hello Chan you will be supported by me and friends. As not many of you will not know the kindness and understanding of Chan goes back a very long way. When my brother was killed in a car crash and Chan gave me all the time in the world to go home to Ireland and was very very understanding of my grief and my Families sorrow. Not only that he is a great kind compassionate Man. Thank you Chan. It would be truly lovely to have you in Parliament. God Bless"

Chan Jacket Feb 2024 cra_edited.png

“Leaders above all others can create the conditions for people to flourish.


Sadly, most British politicians put ambition for personal enrichment, fame and power above their duty to The People.

I will be part of a new Parliament that, with your help, will Change Britain for Good.”

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