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The following description is essential reading, as it reveals the flaws in the U.K.’s voting system, most vividly apparent in the General Election 2024.

based upon this analysis, the people who now have assumed authority for the governance of our nation do not have the support or authority of the British people.

This is really serious and it is essential that the people of Great Britain stand up, work for, demand and achieve transformation.

We need to Change Britain for Good.


You likely know we now have a Labour government.

Labour won two thirds of parliamentary seats, but with only one third of the vote

Labour’s vote share is the lowest to have secured a majority'

David Cameron got a higher share of the vote when there was a hung Parliament in 2010.

Starmer's vote in Holborn and St Pancras fell from 36,641 in 2019 to 18,884 today. That is unbelievable for an incoming prime minister.

Reform came second in 98 seats. Read that again. Have to say I was shocked.

Voter turnout was around 59% of an eligible (approx) 48,500,000 that can vote and Labour got just 34% of the votes that were cast.

The Liberal Democrats got total votes of 3,483,146 and a vote share of 12.3% giving them 71 seats whilst the Tories got total votes of 6,737,448, so almost double, and a vote share of 23.7% but giving them just 119 seats so nowhere near double the seats.

The most crazy statistic is for Reform who got total votes of 4,067,915 and a vote share of 14.3%, both exceeding the Liberal Democrats numbers, but got just 4 seats.

This is how the munted first past the post system is for this country. So even if you believe in voting and that it matters what colour the government is, we have a system where a party can get more votes and a bigger vote share and end up with 67 seats less than a party who did worse, and who leader's campaign consisted of videos of him bungee jumping.

One thing to notice about the numbers is that it appears around 10% of the British population are awake to some degree about what is going on. I would suggest that number is only going to climb and that it will climb quite fast.

Numbers correct as at 07.30am on 5 July 2024

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