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There are clear distinctions between those of us standing to be Independent MPs and those who are members of the legacy political parties. One of these is that we are STANDING FOR THE PEOPLE.

Each political party member, by definition, stands FOR THEIR PARTY, not The People.

They must tick the party's box and they must take the party's whip. They always will be controlled because they want to be liked and promoted; they fear to be challenged, or critcised by the party's hierarchy or fellow members.

Thus, if they want to be "independent" of any policy approach of the party that might detrimentally affect their constituents, they take a risk that few are willing to do, and for which they face consequences.

This is one of several reasons why British party politics is a legacy that 2024's General Election should recognise as the most damaging to British democracy, and be relegated to history's refuse bin of really bad ideas.

And never be recycled.

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