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Meeting with The People

During March and April 2024, Chan Abraham with members of the Changing Britain For Good Team have been out and about, meeting with residents across the Huntingdon constituency.  Chan has personally spoken with many hundreds of people, in the streets, in their front gardens, at their front doors, in the shops, in car parks...and, of course, in the seven specially arranged Public Meetings.

Chan says, "This has been a really important time for Huntingdon's People and for me, standing to be their elected MP when the General Election is called.  They have shared many of their concerns with me, as well as their frustrations and anger with, not only the current Government, but also all the political Parties who they see as being complicit in creating the mess Britain is in today."

He adds, "What is very clear from all of these conversations, as well as the ones that members of our Changing Britain For Good Team have with Huntingdon Residents is this: as soon as they hear that I am truly Independent, not part of or controlled by any poltical Party, they heave a sigh of relief.  The problem in the existing system is that People feel forced to make a binary choice - Tory or Labour; or to make a protest Vote; or not to Vote at all."

Chan concludes, "But now they know that, for the first time, there is a real choice and one that is focused on them and not on any external poltical Party, big business or lobbying group.  And it has been truly encouraging to see the light of hope begin to dawn as they realise that we are Changing Britain For Good!"

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