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The People of Huntingdon tell me they want change and a better future. I know, because I have spoken wiht hundreds of them, in the streets, shops, front gardens, aoutside their home and in seven public meetings.

They are struggling with the unafforable costs of living, declining health, policing, schools and other public services.

We can Change Britain For Good if we stand together and remove those who have taken us into this appalling state.


We need your help to

  1. VOTE for Chan Abraham, Independent; and also

  2. To help in whatever way you can.


It may be as simple as telling your friends and neighbours, coming to one of our public meetings, when I am in the streets, shops, pubs and hearing more about my exciting Ten Pledges.

You can also have some of our Posters to put up in your windows at home, and also encourage your local shops, pubs, churches, community centres and others to do this.

We have to get the message out that, together, we are Changing Britain For Good!


So please get in touch.

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