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The British People are beginning to realise that the system of political parties does not, and cannot, work for them and for one glaring reason (of many others):

It is relatively easy for external interests to influence a political party; it is much more difficult to do so to an Independent. And it is impossible to influence a body of Independents.

You will be encouraged to learn that we are building a powerful diverse network of Independents across the nation. These are people drawn from differing backgrounds with passion in their souls to serve their communities, some of which are at the verge of collapse.

We can win, together, if The People rise up to support us.  Britons are in three camps in 2024:

A small group of people (15%) who will vote for their legacy party's candidate regardless of the reality that the parties all have failed us. Some say that “a dead monkey with the party’s rosette fixed to it will get their vote”.  Very sad to witness this lack of critical thinking and public responsibility.

Significant numbers (45%) who have previously supported a party who are utterly disillusioned and moving in another direction.  To them Independents present a natural choice, provided they have begun to use their powers of critical thinking.

A substantial proportion (40%) who do not vote, for various reasons, but mostly because they don't trust politicians, don't feel their vote and voice matters, and are resigned to what fate the powers and authorities will consign them.

As Independents we are telling this message loud and clear: We can save our nation if, and only if, we bring Independents into the Parliamentary process, lawfully and constitutionally to disrupt the hegemony that the legacy parties have enjoyed for far too long.

If not now, when? If not us, who. We have a duty to those who went before, sacrificed so much, and to those who come after us, who will suffer if we don't act now.

We are at a pivotal point in our history.

Let's work together to Change Britain For Good.

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