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As I have been reflecting upon the events of the past week, I want here to express my feelings of sympathy for all who are suffering, and especially to recognise the reality of grief.

Some may wonder why, in standing as Huntingdon’s Independent MP, I would speak about this – after all, they might say, it has nothing to do with “politics“.

But, as I have said, repeatedly, my approach is different. I see all the people who live around me in Huntingdon as that: people. We are all struggling with challenges of various types and this particular message is to show my solidarity with you in our common struggle and suffering.

The image here, I’m told, is meant to signify “Grief”. It leaves a vast hole in us. Over time, it may begin to close, with jagged edges, perhaps becoming smoothed over. But the hole remains with us throughout our lives.

Apart from sharing this as a fellow human being, it is relevant to the role that I am seeking to undertake on behalf of our people in Huntingdon.

I want, and pledge, to do all I can to help bring healing across our communities and, to the fullest extent I can, to help prevent future sorrow wherever we can do that.

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